Anti Fraud

LIM AntiFraud Tool is a powerful anti-fraud software designed to identify and protect its customers and their patrons against fraudulent activities in the online gambling environment. The software helps us to decrease the rate of credit card fraud at our casinos.

In cooperation with leading online payment service providers, we do our best to carry out reliable business activity and to guarantee the security of our customers’ privacy, as well as payment data security.

Our 10 years of experience in the field of payment database management makes LIM AntiFraud Tool a really powerful and convenient tool for protecting against credit card fraud.

Key features

Multistage customer verification (IP verification, system parameters verification, proxy check)

Verification of the customer’s phone number

Analysis of the player’s gambling behaviour

Anti-fraud management system has over 100 filters, designed for in-depth verification of payment data, payment history and customer blacklists

Final verification of the customer by our control department at the money withdrawal stage